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Aging Internet

wwwRecently, a question came into my mind of what is going to happen with the internet names in the future.

It seems to me that even now, after just around 20 years of internet existence, a lot of reasonable internet domain names have already been taken in all of the top level domains.

Forget about getting a or - everything is already reserved and you have to be very creative to get something that can be even considered somewhat good.

And that is not just nouns and verbs - everything is taken - most probably at this time you won't be able even to register domain matching your last name as most of the last names are not that unique as you might think.

Same goes for the email accounts, bank accounts, facebook and twitter accounts. Even now it is impossible to register a last name email address at gmail. Not even a combination of last name and first name for many of us.

What is going to happen after the first internet generation leaves this world and is replaced by second? Third? Fourth?

Lets take a closer look.


Domain names can get freed up if not paid for and then reused, so there is at least a theoretical possibility for our children to get a nice looking domain name, but the chances seem pretty low, as I doubt anyone would let a good domain name expire.

At the same time, it also makes sense to allow domain name inheritance, so that even the the owner passes away, his children would still get the domains he had.

But is there a solution? Creating additional tlds? This would just win some time.

Email Accounts

Unlike domain names, email accounts can contain private, confidential, very personal information in both - email letters themselves and external systems, which you can get access through password restore or reset, when it gets sent to the email address.

This information can not only be related to the original owner, but to the people living at the moment.

Also, many people can still have the email address in their address books so transferring the email account to another person can lead to confusion.

As a result, I would think email accounts should never be reused, even if the contents of the mailbox is completely purged.

However, there is a contradiction, as getting control of the domain name gives the owner full control of all email accounts associated with that domain (but not necessary the emails themselves). I do not think there is any mechanism that would prevent this, so actual usage of services like Gmail seems more secure.

Speaking of which, we are getting back to the naming problem, as if you decide to use Gmail, you are forced to use far not that simple and beautiful account name as you would like - everything is occupied!

What choice would the next generation have? Use guid-like email addresses with letters and digits? Or will Google spawn a new domain for the open registration? This seems like an option. At least for some time. 

Other Accounts

Thinking of other accounts, like banking, Twitter and others - I don't see why not reuse them after some reasonable time of inactivity (10 years? 50?), archiving and removing the account details. This might be arguable, but seems somewhat safe, at the moment.

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Your domain seems to be pretty short. ^^)


It was not easy to come up with a short meaningful name, not at all!


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