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Why Drupal?

Why did I choose Drupal over other engines? What lies under this decision? Many people knowing me might be surprised with the choice I made, but please let me explain.

1. DotNetNuke

Dnn is a powerful .Net engine to build sites with MS technologies and it was the first thing I tried.

The step is pretty obvious since I devoted myself (so far) to programming on .Net, but the results were quite disappointing.

The standard Blogs module was not impressive. Urls were not friendly, even after trying to configure the friendly Urls I still had to have blog entry id in the Url which I did not like at all, I could not get rid of aspx extension and have '-' separating the words in the Url.

Some other minor issues in addition to that and decision was clear to me - not Dnn, although to be honest, most of the problems I described can be resolved by using third party blog modules, but they are not free.

2. WordPress

This is the most widespread and powerful blog engine I've seen. Right out of the box it offered me great design, friendly urls, all the modules and features I could only imagine in a blog (and those that I could not).

Why did I not go with it? The answer might sound strange, but... It is too user friendly. It works. Works great! Everything is clear and understandable. And as a result - there is nothing left to me except blogging. No configuration, no hours of research of how to do this or that thing, no joy of discovering or winning of battles over the engine... After 3 hours I felt like I knew 80% of the WordPress functionality.

3. Joomla

To be honest, I did not try using Joomla specifically for Blogging. The only experience I had with it was with some other website which was more informational than blogging. I remember I was confused between categories and sections. Even after some reading about it I was still confused of why not have just hierarchical categories instead.

Most probably I just did not spend enough time, but I deemed that a logical (or naming) issue and decided I would pass, keeping Joomla for the website I mentioned - it is still great, with nice user interface for both - admin and user sides, friendly and fully configurable urls, menus, modules, full support of other languages, but for the blog I would try something else.

4. Drupal

Well, Drupal is the last of the engines I had on my list to try for the blog. It is pretty widespread for the website building, hence my interest.

So far it has the complexity I did not see in WordPress, Friendly urls I missed in Dnn, has no logical issues as Joomla does, but at the same time seems like I am able to do (this or that way) everything I want.

Lets see how it goes, maybe I will change my decision later on. Which engine would you use? Go ahead and vote!

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I have a few websites that I am hosting using DNN. All seems to work well and the ability to purchase modules and skins relative cheap makes this very attractive as I am not a developer.

What I have found so far is that if you need to go to a newer version of DNN, you have to ensure all your 3rd party modules support the new version of DNN. Some 3rd parties might not be around. Yes, frustrating...

One of the things I want to do is create web applications. A module for that requirement in DNN does not seem "so mature". I am looking and I am unsure as I have already burned my fingers with a 3rd party module.

I would like to hear more about your experience with Drupal.




All CMS systems are similar - if the system's author decides to break compatibility between the versions (and sometimes they are forced to) - old modules will stop working.

Drupal is not an exclusion and you would have the same problems there.

But my experience with 3rd party modules is that even if the module is no longer developed - it is still possible to reach out to the author and ask him for an update - sometimes it is just a matter of recompilation to make it work in a new version of CMS.

Another thing about Drupal is that its current version, 7, is not that much in favor within developers and many companies decided to skip it in favor of version 8. So my suggestion would be to either use 6-th which has lots of modules, or wait till 8 is released and modules are created for it.


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