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Nicholas Roerich

Nicolas RoerichNicolas Roerich was an unusual many-sided person. He lived a very interesting life rich with everything - family, politics, intrigues, religion and mysticism, richness and bankruptcy, fame, traveling and of course arts.

Born in St Petersburg, he received education in Empire Russia, but spent his life all across the globe - lived in Europe and United States, for years traveled and lived in Asia, met the most famous people of his time - country leaders and politicians, scientists and artists.

And as his actions as mystic,  politician or businessman leave mixed feelings, the most impression I got was of him as an artist, painter.

There is a Nicolas Roerich Museum in New York, on one of the quiet streets of Upper East Side in Manhattan. Of course, that is not the Master Building where 3 stores were dedicated to his galleries and which was taken by Horsh after Wallace and Roosevelt turned against him. But still, it is a nice 4 stories building right next to the Riverside park. 

It is hard to miss it as it has the Banner of Piece floating right above the entrance.

The first floor of museum is a store, selling posters and postcards and the exhibit starts with the stairs leading to the second floor.

On the weekends, at 5 pm, museum hosts events - concerts where several musicians play classical or modern music. Entrance is free at all time for both - museum and concert. 

There are hundreds of Roerich's pictures in the museum - much more than anyone would expect, considering the number of pictures taken by Horsh and those gifted to museums in Russia.

Well, it is easy to explain:  Roerich created thousands of pictures throughout his life. Simple and deep, colorful and touching. His style is very remarkable and unique.

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Star of the Hero

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I've been to the museum - very nice and quiet place not too far from the usual tourist places but a must see when visiting New York.


I was drawn to your site by the photos of Staten Island - near and dear to
my heart. I'm was not familiar with Roerich or his works...but your photos
capture more than what's visible. A museum junkie of sorts, I was drawn into
the rooms and felt as though I was was feeling, as well as


Thanks, but I am pretty certain that is all due to museum workers and Roerich himself - I liked the place a lot as well!


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