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Staten Island Beach after Hurricane Sandy

Yacht ashore on Staten Island beach after Hurricane SandyHurricane Sandy passed New York almost a week ago, but many areas on Staten Island remain flooded and without power. Neighborhood by the ocean were hit the most and the damage is  still visible.

The grass on the fence of the Staten Island Hospital shows the level of water during the storm. It is just unbelievable, I can only imagine how it looked at that time. No surprise of all the damage it caused: nature showed its strength.

Grass on the fence shows the water level during the hurricane

There is a lake where it didn't exist.

Lake after the storm

And a beach where a sidewalk used to be.

Hurricane brought the sand that covered sidewalk

Earth itself opened under the pressure of the storm.

Earth broken as a result of the storm

Father Capodanno Boulevard, a six lane road is all covered with sand.

Road covered with sand

The cars are floating in the air or lying on their side at the place of nature strike.

Cars overturned by the storm

Time Warner has set up a charging station to help those without power and promote itself.

Time Warner Cable charging station

But what happened to the beach itself? All the water that was flooding the neighborhood retreated back into the ocean, carrying what it could take.

A road sign.

Road sign dragged into the beach by the hurricane

Furniture, parts of the fence, some small row boat, toys, benches, pipes... The whole beach is covered with the remains of somebody's posessions.

Beach after the hurricane

Pipes dragged to the beach by Sandy

Toy on the beach

Also, throughout the beach, you can see leaves of cactus, although I am pretty sure it does not grow on Staten Island. There are many leaves, not just one or ten but much more. How did they get here?

Cactus leaf brought by the hurricane

And in exchange for all of that it left a large yacht ashore - Mooeak right in the middle of the beach.

Yacht on Staten Island Beach left by the hurricane

Yacht left by Sandy on Staten Island beach

A boat ashore at Midland Beach, Staten Island, left by the storm

Yacht on Staten Island beach left by Sandy

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have a legend that Mother Earth will cleanse itself of mans' misuse; and earth's face will change. It would seem Mother Earth is doing just that: tsunami's in far off points in the world...Katrina...and Sandie. My sister and her youngest son died in 2010 - long before Sandie - and they lived on Yetman Street where water surged to a height of 13-feet...washing homes off foundations and killing a young girl. I can't help wondering if my sister and nephew would have evacuated; so many didn't because storm warnings a year earlier never materialized. I miss them both, but I wonder if God's mercy was at work.


Each death is a tragedy, irretrievable loss, so I really feel for you. This year we also moved close to the ocean, just couple of blocks from it and I am now certain that we will evacuate if a storm warning is announced.


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