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Google Accounts Hell !!!

Google Evil!The situation around using multiple accounts with Google is turning into a real hell!

I have several Google apps accounts in addition to regular @gmail account and having signed into gmail and other applications is a real mess, I am having extremely hard time dealing with Google applications - signing in to Adwords kicks me out of all gmail tabs, I literally can't get to Analytics, some applications have an option to switch account and some do not; and it doesn't matter what applications I open and in what order - it all ends up with one result - being logged off from all tabs!

It was so nice before - I was able to have different Urls for every Google App account so cookies would never mess up together and signing in/out from one account would never cause problems with another.

Now... Google released some real $hit, as if their product managers / teams don't communicate with each other - all apps do whatever they want, ignoring the fact that other applications might be opened and user might be signed in to different accounts!

Yesterday I was not able to add a domain alias to one of the apps account! And today it continues.

Is Google hating its users? I sure hate Google for it! I want ease of use, not hours of frustration!

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