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Green Glue Not Working

I am living in a pretty poorly constructed building where you can hear everything - neighbors from above walking upstairs as they have squeaky hardwood floor and you can hear their every step as loud as if they were in my apartment.

At the same time, you can easily hear neighbors from below - not just when they are playing stereo or TV loudly, but even when they are talking! You can even hear separate words if they talk loudly and you can hear them loud and clear if you listen the floor itself.

I decided to change that. Neighbors from below are the most annoying as they have parties till the early morning. Reading on the internet I found out about the Green Glue and how great it is supposed to be. So I executed two projects.

1. Floor

This is what I used to have:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ old hardwood from 70s, 3/4 inch

________________ paper (yes!)

=========== old plywood

||     ||     ||     ||   beams with no insulation

------------- their ceiling


I decided to change the above, adding the Green Glue. I confirmed with the specialist from their website that I can use it for the subfloor between the plywood or OSB. And that there is no difference between using OSB or plywood. So I came up with the following design, considering the amount of work / materials price for my entire floor in the whole apartment (600 sqft):

-------------- new 1/2 inch plywood screwed to the beams

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Green Glue at 1.5 - 2 tubes / sheet

=========== new 3/4 inch plywood screwed to the beams

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ green glue at 2 tubes / sheet

=========== old plywood

||     ||     ||     ||   beams with no insulation

------------- their ceiling


It has passed a little bit over 1 week (10 days) since I added the 1st layer of new plywood and around 5 days since I added the 2nd layer of plywood. This is what they have on the instruction as a time period for it to start working. I have also somewhat sealed the floor with the Green Glue sealant around the perimeter.

And can say that there is absolutely no improvement. I can hear my neighbors from below clearly. It sometimes seems that I can hear them even better than before.

And that is not just in the room in general, it is not a flanking sound going through the duct or walls - I put my ear next to the floor and I hear the sound clearly, much louder (10 times?) than if I put my ear next to the wall.

2. Ceiling

Here I decided to just add a layer of QuetRock 500 sheetrock to the existing ceiling with 1 tube of Green Glue in between (did not use Green Glue in the bedroom, just in the living room). It has also passed a week since I am done with it and it seem to have helped for lets say, 20%. I can still hear my neighbors squeaky floor every time they make a step but slightly less loud.


I don't think that magical Green Glue works at all and everything I read about it is BS! Or at least for my application.  Seems like this is just a myth, new tool to get money out of trustful people! Green Glue does not work.

Update 1

2 more weeks has passed and still no improvement for both - ceiling and floor. Absolutely. Not at all. Can't hear any difference. Green Glue is not working even after 25 days.

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It sound to me like you were sold a bill of goods soundproofing requires
Use of special products, and glue isn't one of them. Unless you put layers of soundproofing materials
You won't accomplish your final goal. First you should have spoken to a
Person that has had training in the field, and they would need all the info of exising floors, ceilings and walls
To determine what needs to be done.


That is exactly what I mean - Green Glue seems to be scam, it doesn't work.


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