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Ioshkar-Ola Chiming Clock

The square named after Obolensky-Nogotkov is situated right in a middle of Ioshkar-Ola. Being the main city's squares it is a major tourist attraction and a home to the city administration, national art galery, small copy of Moscow's Tsar-Cannon and chiming clock called 'Mariyskie Kuranti' ('Mari Chiming Clock'). {CN29PXFD6AGV}


Every hour throughout the day, the clock on the tower start a small performance accompanied with the music and lights.

People, both locals and visitors, gather in advance to catch the moment. Majority of the city visitors are Russians and those, who have relatives living in the city. It is rather incommon to meet someone from a foreign country here. 

Donkey chiming clock

The clock symbolizes Christian religion and beliefs and was started on 4th of November 2007, on the Day of the Mari El Republic, same day when the square was opened to the public. 

Every hour throught the day, from 6 am to 23 pm when clock start chiming, you can see an Icon of Saint Maria in the top left corner.
After that a donkey starts its jurney from the gates on the left (presumably some city in Serbia or maybe Ierusalim as per another theory) to a Cathedral on the right, carrying the Icon on its back. This illustrates the event that happened when Osmanian Empire invaded Serbia and citizens trying to save the icon sent it on a donkey to Greece. The icon travelled a lot through the Christian lands, spreading the religion, before it was actually brought to Ioshkar-Ola. 

Donkey chiming clock

The donkey figure seems small, but in fact weights half of a ton (more than 1000 pounds) as made of bronze.

Donkey tower clock

The clock is very precise and is synchronized with a satellite signal. It is designed to operate under a wide range of temperatures from -40 to +50 C (-40 to +122 F). Music,bell sounds and the clock itself are controlled by a computer. 
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