Alice Austen House

Alice Austen HouseAlice Austen was a photographer living on Staten Island in the end of 19th century. Born in the wealthy family, she definitely had a challenging life that ended pretty sadly. But still, it was quite a remarkable life and she left us her legacy - result of her work through the years - photos. Thousands of them.

Staten Island Beach after Hurricane Sandy

Yacht ashore on Staten Island beach after Hurricane SandyHurricane Sandy passed New York almost a week ago, but many areas on Staten Island remain flooded and without power. Neighborhood by the ocean were hit the most and the damage is  still visible.

The grass on the fence of the Staten Island Hospital shows the level of water during the storm. It is just unbelievable, I can only imagine how it looked at that time. No surprise of all the damage it caused: nature showed its strength.

Gypsy and Gypsy Hungarian Songs Guitar Notes

GuitarIt was very hard for me to find guitar notes of the 2 very famous Russian songs - Gypsy (also known as Gypsy Girl, Ciganochka, Ziganochka, Cyganochka or Zyganochka) and Gypsy Hungarian (aka Ciganskaya Vengerka)

I could not find tabs for them either so ended up purchasing the book and decided to share the notes themselves.

Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island FerryThe Staten Island Ferry is probably the most wellknown ferry in the world and the largest in New York City. It travels between the boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island on a 24 hour schedule, absolutely free for passengers and is operated by City of New York, Department Of Transportation.

Staten Island Boardwalk and Beach

Staten Island BoardwalkStaten Island Boardwalk, named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is the worlds 4th longest boardwalk. It was built in 1935, at the time of the Great Depression, financed by government and aimed to provide jobs to many workers of that time.

The boardwalk spans almost from the Verrazano Bridge on the North to Miller Field on the South. There is a bike / rollerblades path going alongside the boardwalk together with many other attractions.

Fort Wadsworth

Fort Wadsworth, Battery Weed, Staten Island, NYFort Wadsworth is a fortification system located on Staten Island, New York City, right across from Brooklyn in the most narrow part of the New York Bay, The Narrows. Such a strategic location insured that all ships entering or exiting New York City would not pass without permission and no one could invade the city. It was used by military till 1994 when it was closed and transferred to National Park Service. 

Greenbelt: High Rock Park

Lake in High Rock Park, Staten Island, NYOne might think that the Central Park is the only park in New York City. Or at least the only one you can't cross in five minutes or less and the only place to escape the city and enjoy the nature. But that is not true. Central Park is far not the largest park in New York City.

The biggest one is called Staten Island Greenbelt, located right in the heart of Staten Island. Unlike artificial Central Park, Greenbelt is kept as much closer to its original state as possible and it is much closer to the forest than to the park. It has probably not changed too much since the time when native american indians were the only inhabitants of what is now New York City.

Greenbelt: LaTourette Park

Staten Island LaTourette ParkLaTourette Park is a part of the Staten Island Greenbelt system, situated right in the heart of the island and named after LaTourette family who had a farm on the place where the park is now.

There are several ways to get here - by car, by bus S74 from the Staten Island Ferry (40 minutes), or if you are coming with a bike you can take a train from Staten Island Ferry Terminal to Eltingville station (25 minutes) and go west on a sidewalk or road almost up to the Staten Island Mall (10-15 minutes by bicycle), where the LaTourette bike path starts.

Tottenville and the Conference House Park - Part 2

Conference HouseThere is a lot to see in addition to the Conference House, mentioned in the Part 1, as the park is actually pretty big.

Tottenville and the Conference House Park - Part 1

Conference HouseTottenville is the most southern part of New York State, New York City and the borough of Staten Island. And as such - the first thing you see getting off the train is water!


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