Staten Island Fireworks

Fireworks on Staten IslandThere are various events held on the beach and boardwalk area throughout the Summer sponsored by various people and organizations of Staten Island : 'Back to the Beach', 4th of July, 'End of Summer' featuring concerts, children shows, street fairs during the day and fireworks in the evening.

Staten Island Ferry at Dusk and Night

Staten Island Ferry View

The view from the Staten Island Ferry is always great, but the most interesting - at dawn and night.

Miami Beach and Lummus Park

Miami BeachOne of the obvious things you get in Miami Beach is the beach itself. Sun, blue sky, warm weather and crystal clear water together with the white sand stretching for several miles are indeed the things to enjoy. 




Crest Hotel and Suites

Crest Hotel and SuitesCrest Hotel and Suites is a small hotel located right in the heart of South Beach - 1 minute walk to Lincoln Road Mall, 5 minutes walk to Ocean Drive and the beach, and 10 minutes walk to the Botanical Garden.


Park Pobedy (Victory Park)

Palace Square, St Petersburg, RussiaMoskovsky Park Pobedy (Victory Park) is a one of the largest parks in St Petersburg. Located near the subway station with the same name, the park spans between Moskovsky and Gagarin avenues, right between National Public Library and hotel Russia and St Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex.

Ioshkar-Ola Chiming Clock

The square named after Obolensky-Nogotkov is situated right in a middle of Ioshkar-Ola. Being the main city's squares it is a major tourist attraction and a home to the city administration, national art galery, small copy of Moscow's Tsar-Cannon and chiming clock called 'Mariyskie Kuranti' ('Mari Chiming Clock'). {CN29PXFD6AGV}

Chesme Church

Chesme Church, St Petersburg, RussiaVery beautiful active Russian Orthodox Christian church built to commemorate victory over Turkish forces in Chesme Bay. The official church name is Church of Saint John the Baptist at Chesme Palace.

The Chesma Church is located pretty far from the regular tourist places, between the Moskovskaya and Park Pobedi (Victory Park) subway stations, in a middle of residential neighborhood in St Petersburg, Russia.

DNN Module Caching and Crawlers

DNN LogoJust researched a curious issue with DotNetNuke. It all started with a public page rarely visited by users but quite often visited by crawlers - Pingdom bot and Googlebot.

The page is pretty DB intensive and with no caching it takes around 3 seconds to load. With all modules cached to disk for an hour, page load time goes down to 0.3s. And it all worked well during my test from the browser - I noticed that every second and subsequent visits to the page within one hour were blazingly fast, so I thought I am done and can move on.

Nicholas Roerich

Nicolas RoerichNicolas Roerich was an unusual many-sided person. He lived a very interesting life rich with everything - family, politics, intrigues, religion and mysticism, richness and bankruptcy, fame, traveling and of course arts.

Born in St Petersburg, he received education in Empire Russia, but spent his life all across the globe - lived in Europe and United States, for years traveled and lived in Asia, met the most famous people of his time - country leaders and politicians, scientists and artists.

When to use CMS?


Lately, a question was floating in my mind of when to use CMS / Portal and when to write an application from scratch.
If asked just a month ago, I would answer it with no hesitation - CMS of this or that kind must be used in all cases.
However, there is another point of view: each CMS adds a complexity layer to the application development. On one hand it is good as all pieces are written to the same interface and standard, on another - not so much as developers have to concentrate on CMS aspects rather on the business problem.


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