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Park Pobedy (Victory Park)

Palace Square, St Petersburg, RussiaMoskovsky Park Pobedy (Victory Park) is a one of the largest parks in St Petersburg. Located near the subway station with the same name, the park spans between Moskovsky and Gagarin avenues, right between National Public Library and hotel Russia and St Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex.



Park Pobedy (Victory Park)

The park is very beautiful, green, picturesque and filled with life, but at the same time it is in itself a monument to very sad times of war, Siege of Leningrad and glorious victory over the nazi Germany.

Park Pobedi

The park was built at after the World War 2 ended but before the war it was a site of brickyard (a cart from it on the next photo) which was used as a crematory during the siege.

Victory Park

After the war the remains of the factory reminded people of so many pain and losses that it was decided to remove it completely. The holes left after the German and Finish bombs were converted to lakes connected by canals and ponds where people are boating our days.

Trees, bushes, flowers and grass were planted, new curly paths covered with sand / asphalt were built with lamps standing on every side of it to light the path of late strollers. Fountains, playgrounds, benches were installed throught the park and from being very sad the park has become a favourite place for many people to spend their free time.

There is also an amusement park, open and closed tennis courts, mini golf field. If you wish, you or your kids can try horseback riding or karting.

Children make bird feeders that you can see around the park:

The main road and the main element of the park is the Alley of Heroes with monuments to those honored the title of Hero of Great Patriotic War. A monument to Georgy Zhukov, Marshal of the Soviet Union is located right in the very center of the park, in the middle of the Alley of Heroes.

Alley of Heroes

Marshal Zhukov

Also, there are statues of Soviet soldiers returning from the war, sportsmen and kids throught the park. Later, probably in 200x-th, a Christian church was built in the park. At Soviet times religion was not to say banned, but not too welcomed.

In winter the park is also an area for various entertainment - skiing, ice skating, hockey. The lakes freeze and people walk where they could only swim in the summer. Everything is covered with beautiful white snow.

Park surroundings on their own are very interesting and deserve a separate article. Moskovsky Prospect on the west side of the Park

The National Public Library building with a fountain complex and antique statues

National Public Library

The National Public Library stands close to the hotel Russia, on of many St Petersburg hotels. For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, you can visit Place to stay in St Petersburg for more information. St Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex is to the East of the Park

St Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex

There is a fur coat ad on the front of the building and you can notice some environmentalist / animal protection group wrote a message against it with the white paint on the stairs.

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