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Staten Island Fireworks

Fireworks on Staten IslandThere are various events held on the beach and boardwalk area throughout the Summer sponsored by various people and organizations of Staten Island : 'Back to the Beach', 4th of July, 'End of Summer' featuring concerts, children shows, street fairs during the day and fireworks in the evening.


2013 Schedule

Date Location Event Rain Date
June 29, 9:00 pm

Wolfe's Pond Park

Midland Beach, Sea Turtle Circle

Celebrate America Concert June 30, 9:00 pm
July 13, 9:00 pm Midland Beach, Sea Turtle Circle Back To The Beach July 14, 9:00 pm
Aug 3, 9:00 pm St George Promenade St George Waterfront Festival Aug 4, 9:00 pm
Aug 17, 9:00 pm Midland Beach, Sea Turtle Circle Back To The Beach Aug 18, 9:00 pm
Aug 30, 9:00 pm Midland Beach, Sea Turtle Circle End of the Summer Aug 31, 9:00 pm
Sep 14, 9:00 pm Children's Park and Splaza (Seaview at Capodanno) End of Summer Sep 15, 9:00 pm




Staten Island Fireworks

Fireworks... The most astonishing spectacle with fire and water, when fireflowers are growing right from the ocean, with the speed of a rocket, colorful all-rainbow explosion and a bass drum-like sound wave!

Staten Island Fireworks

And everything is happening right here, very close, just hundred of feet away from the audience!

Staten Island Fireworks

And at the same time there are no abnormal crowds and visitors don't need to arrive 3 hours in advance as they would do for the 4th of July fireworks in Manhattan.

Staten Island Fireworks

Many people bring their chairs with them, others are simply lying on the sand beach. The atmosphere is very romantic.

Staten Island Fireworks

Staten Island Fireworks

Staten Island Fireworks

The most interesting part of the fireworks, its culmination is right near the end of the show, when thousands of shell explode at the same time, coloring the sky in all colors of rainbow and making the night turn into day for a short moment!

2012 Back to the Beach Fireworks culmination:

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