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DNN Module Caching and Crawlers

DNN LogoJust researched a curious issue with DotNetNuke. It all started with a public page rarely visited by users but quite often visited by crawlers - Pingdom bot and Googlebot.

The page is pretty DB intensive and with no caching it takes around 3 seconds to load. With all modules cached to disk for an hour, page load time goes down to 0.3s. And it all worked well during my test from the browser - I noticed that every second and subsequent visits to the page within one hour were blazingly fast, so I thought I am done and can move on.

When to use CMS?


Lately, a question was floating in my mind of when to use CMS / Portal and when to write an application from scratch.
If asked just a month ago, I would answer it with no hesitation - CMS of this or that kind must be used in all cases.
However, there is another point of view: each CMS adds a complexity layer to the application development. On one hand it is good as all pieces are written to the same interface and standard, on another - not so much as developers have to concentrate on CMS aspects rather on the business problem.

Klotin SqlChart

About The Module

SqlChart is a module for DotNetNuke content management system that allows displaying results of custom Sql query as a chart, using Google Charts API.

Klotin SqlLabel

Klotin SqlLabelAbout The Module

SqlLabel is a DotNetNuke module that allows inserting results of an Sql Query into the html text.

Admin, or module Editor, can define a piece of Html text with specially formatted tags inside and then define several Sql Queries that would produce the values which will be used at runtime in place of tags.

DNN Modules

SQL Table DNN Module

The module for DotNetNuke that lets displaying results of an Sql Query as a table.

Klotin SqlTable

Klotin SqlTableAbout The Module

SqlTable is a module for DotNetNuke that allows display of custom data in a table.

Admin (or anyone who has Edit rights on the module) can define Sql query and output it as a table for other visitors to see.

The module gives absolute freedom to the editor. Any data that can be accessed with the default DNN Connection String can be output with no limits. It also lets defining custom styles for the outer div, table, essential rows and columns, but no styles are predefined so you have to be a a little bit a developer or web designer to style out the table the way you'd like it to be.

Why Drupal?

Why did I choose Drupal over other engines? What lies under this decision? Many people knowing me might be surprised with the choice I made, but please let me explain.

1. DotNetNuke

Dnn is a powerful .Net engine to build sites with MS technologies and it was the first thing I tried.

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