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Aging Internet

wwwRecently, a question came into my mind of what is going to happen with the internet names in the future.

It seems to me that even now, after just around 20 years of internet existence, a lot of reasonable internet domain names have already been taken in all of the top level domains.

Why Drupal?

Why did I choose Drupal over other engines? What lies under this decision? Many people knowing me might be surprised with the choice I made, but please let me explain.

1. DotNetNuke

Dnn is a powerful .Net engine to build sites with MS technologies and it was the first thing I tried.


Blogging is one of those things I was always interested to start but never really had time and or ideas of what to write about.

As I originally thought, a good blog should be dedicated to one specific area or subject and this is what would make the blog interesting to others.


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