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St Petersburg

Park Pobedy (Victory Park)

Palace Square, St Petersburg, RussiaMoskovsky Park Pobedy (Victory Park) is a one of the largest parks in St Petersburg. Located near the subway station with the same name, the park spans between Moskovsky and Gagarin avenues, right between National Public Library and hotel Russia and St Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex.

Saint Petersburg

St Petersburg, Palace Square Saint Petersburg, second largest Russian City, located close to the border with Finland and Estonia.

Founded as St Petersburg in 1703 by Russian Emperor Peter The Great, the city has become a capital of Russian Empire and carried the title (with a short disruption) until 1918.

Chesme Church

Chesme Church, St Petersburg, RussiaVery beautiful active Russian Orthodox Christian church built to commemorate victory over Turkish forces in Chesme Bay. The official church name is Church of Saint John the Baptist at Chesme Palace.

The Chesma Church is located pretty far from the regular tourist places, between the Moskovskaya and Park Pobedi (Victory Park) subway stations, in a middle of residential neighborhood in St Petersburg, Russia.

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